10 Key Considerations When Choosing a Cannabis Dispensary POS System: 2024 Guide

10 Key Considerations When Choosing a Cannabis Dispensary POS System: 2024 Guide

Why a normal POS won’t work for a US-based CBD store in the long run?

Unlike conventional retail businesses, CBD shops operate within a highly regulated industry, where compliance, inventory management, and security are paramount. This converts their business association into a high-risk business at the end.

A regular POS system needs to have the specialized features necessary to navigate the complexity of the CBD market or a high-risk retailer. From age verification and batch/product tracking to compliance reporting and secure transactions, the requirements for CBD retailers go beyond the capabilities of a standard POS solution.

1. Product Design and User-friendly Experience

Imagine running a CBD retail shop where everything feels effortless and smooth. That is what a great CBD dispensary system does. It is like having a super-friendly assistant who helps with sales, keeps track of inventory, and even remembers your customers’ preferences.

This special system is designed just for CBD retail stores, so it understands the unique challenges and needs. It is easy to use, so your staff can focus on helping customers instead of struggling with complicated software.

With this system, transactions are a breeze, and managing stock is a piece of cake. Your staff can quickly find product info and customer details, making them super-efficient. Plus, cool features like an integrated loyalty program to make your customers feel extra special and the CBD dispensary to get more sales.

In short, a tailored cannabis dispensary system isn’t just a tool – it is a game-changer that makes running your shop a whole lot easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

2. Traceability and Compliance

Keeping track of everything in a CBD retail dispensary can be a big headache, especially when it comes to following all the rules. But with the right system, it could actually be a breeze. Picture a special tool designed just for CBD retail shops. It helps you sell products, manage inventory, and most importantly, stay on the right side of the law.

This tool is super smart. It not only helps with day-to-day tasks like processing sales and keeping track of stock, but it also handles all the complicated compliance stuff. That means it makes sure you’re following all the rules and regulations without you even having to think about it.

The best part? It does all this in real time, so you never have to stress about falling behind on paperwork or missing an important deadline. In short, this special tool isn’t just about making your life easier – it is about keeping your business running smoothly and safely, so you can focus on what really matters: serving your customers and growing your business.

3. Reliability

In the typical scenario, a CBD shop relying on a generic POS system often faces frequent crashes and death. Even popular dispensary point-of-sale systems have experienced recurring performance issues, leading to major outages during peak periods such as 420.

Before committing to a POS system, it is crucial to conduct thorough research by reading reviews and customer testimonials to assess reliability. Opting for a cloud-based marijuana POS system do offer some advantages such as lower technical barriers and cost-effectiveness. However, it is imperative to ensure that your chosen POS provider complies with government regulations regarding the protection of dispensary data, as it is stored on remote servers operated by a third party.

Imagine getting an order for your CBD Retailer shop and your checkout system keeps crashing when it is busiest – not what you want, right? Unfortunately, this happens to a lot of CBD dispensaries using generic checkout systems.

Even the big-name systems sometimes let you down, especially during busy times like 420, Spring Break, Christmas and other special dates during the year. So, before you pick a POS system, it is super important to create a comparison sheet where you see what you want vs what the software actually has. Reading reviews, and asking other CBD shop owners, can help you figure out if a POS system could be reliable.

Some systems are cloud-based, which can be handy and less expensive. But there is a catch – your data is stored on someone else’s computer, so you’ve got to make sure they’re following all the rules about keeping it safe.

In short, when it comes to picking a checkout system for your CBD retail shop, reliability and keeping your data safe should be at the top of your list. After all, you don’t want to be dealing with crashes and worrying about your customers’ info when you could be focusing on selling your awesome products.

4. Inventory Management and Reporting

This special system is designed just for CBD retail shops like yours, so it knows all about the unique stuff you sell. It helps you figure out what is hot and popular and what is not, so you can always have the right amount of stock on hand.

And because there are lots of rules about selling CBD, this system gives you a warning in time. It keeps track of everything from where your products come from variants, weight and more, so you don’t have to worry about getting in trouble.

The best part? You can check in on how your CBD dispensary shop is doing anytime, anywhere. It is like having your manager, helping you keep your CBD retail shop running smoothly and safely.

5. Hardware and Software Integration

When you’re picking a POS system for your high-risk CBD dispensary, think about all the machines and gadgets you use in your CBD store. Make sure the system you choose works well with all of them.

But it is not just about hardware – your checkout system should also work smoothly with all the other stuff in your office. That way, everything runs super smoothly, and you can focus on serving your customers.

The hemp industry is always changing, so it is important to pick a POS system that can keep up. Look for one that works with all the latest gadgets and software, and even connects to popular online stores like Shopify and WooCommerce.

With everything working together seamlessly, you can keep track of your inventory and sales without any hassle.

6. Product Development and Support

Go for a POS software company that really has long experience within the hemp industry . Look for one that has been around for a while and keeps up with all the latest rules and changes in the industry.

Do not forget about customer support – it is super important. Some companies will help you get started but then leave you high and dry when something goes wrong. Make sure you pick one that is there for you through the whole year.

7. Scalability and Pricing

Imagine you finally have multiple cannabis stores and can keep track of everything from one place – that is what an enterprise POS system does. It helps you manage stock, set prices, and control who can do what in each store.

With this system, you can see exactly what is happening in all your stores, no matter where you are. It is like having a birds-eye view of your whole business, right at your fingertips.

When you’re choosing a POS system, make sure you pick one that knows the ins and outs of the hemp industry and can grow along with your business. Some POS systems offer different subscriptions for this kind of business. It might cost a bit more, but in the long run, it’ll save you money and help each business location thrive.

8. Employee Management Functions

What is becoming a regular function in many regular POS systems for hemp businesses is the employee management side. This will allow you to set up granular employee permissions to control access to sensitive data and functionalities. Features such as time tracking, shift scheduling, performance analytics, and user admin categories can also enhance your CBD store workforce management. 

9. Accessibility and Flexibility

Can you log in from your iPad? – that would be super handy for busy dispensary owners and budtenders. Look for things like mobile apps or websites that work on your iPad, so you can keep an eye on sales, manage stock, and check reports from anywhere.

Having this flexibility means you’re not tied to your computer all the time. You can keep things running smoothly even when you’re on the go, which is a big help when you’re running a busy dispensary.

10. Stability in Your POS Software: Afront a 420 and Spring Break with ease

We’ve been there when the system stops working and you are in the hands of Support. Shoot! It happens. The downtime can cripple your CBD sales operations, especially during peak periods like the infamous 420, spring break, or Christmas.

Many newbies in the hemp industry ask themselves if they truly need a tailored POS software to run their potty store, and the thing is you need to. Whether you go completely as a CBD e-shop or online store, you will need to rely in a POS software dedicated to hemp stores.

This reliability is crucial for maintaining sales data integrity and meeting compliance standards.

Your to-do checklist when choosing your next POS System for your hemp shop

Your to-do checklist when choosing your next POS System for your hemp shop

  • Product design: tailored to your needs
  • Good pricing for your volume of transactions and number of stores
  • Inventory management functions
  • Data Security
  • Employee tracking
  • Empowers owners and managers to navigate compliance reports
  • Accessible from my iPad and laptop
  • Hardware and other software integration
  • Customer Support after onboarding
  • Stability: Customer’s reviews

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