The first cannabis software solution bringing integrated payments to retail and wholesale

Uniting your entire customer experience into one solution. C-Trax allows Cannabis retailers to manage customer loyalty, inventory, product compliance and customer marketing while providing the flexibility to choose your own payments partner!

                                 Meet some of our trusted retail partners.

All-in-one POS Hardware solution

PayPoint Plus provides everything a merchant needs including a fully integrated 2D barcode scanner from Honeywell, a 3-inch printer from Star Micronics, an encryptable MSR from Magtek, full-sized 16-inch cash drawer and connections for third party peripherals. With a flip-for- signature and a built-in customer-facing display to encourage shopper engagement, this space-saving and commercial-grade AiO is ideal for retail, hospitality, restaurants and entertainment venues.

Features in support of your needs

Hardware Free Functionality

No more expensive hardware requirements. If you have a current-gen iPad, then we can work with you!

Easy Onboarding

Send us your inventory and launch your new POS in less than a week! That's it.

Customer Check-In

Manage your customers before they ever walk into your showroom. Know their buying habits and what they are looking for at hello.

Franchise Loyalty

Built-in loyalty point tracking allows post-sale engagement. Automate your marketing based on customer spending and store visits.

Digital Payments

Digital payment integrated into your platform allow for cohesive financial reporting. More payment partners coming soon.

Business Analytics

Track customer spending habits and use those insights for strategic upselling.

E-Commerce Integration

Provides true retail reporting, never again worry about listing out of the stock inventory

Inventory Health

Track fastest and slowest moving products in inventory. Know when its time to reorder product based real data.

C-TRAX software and hardware solutions for Hemp retailers

C-Trax is the only Point of Sale designed with the hemp retailer in mind. With a focus on franchises and multi-store management, C-Trax brings easy to use POS functionality tied together with a comprehensive back-office management solutions.
We are bringing mainstream business functions to the CBD industry via integrations with Square and Woocommerce.


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