10 Best Cannabis POS Systems for Your Dispensary

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The cannabis retail POS market is beginning to expand rapidly, with more vendors and solutions entering the space. As a result, a variety of new POS solutions for dispensaries are now available for businesses to choose from. These POS systems are equipped with features that will help you streamline your operations and increase your profit margins. Read on to learn more about some of the best POS solutions for your dispensary.

What is a Point of Sale System?

A point-of-sale system, or POS, is a method by which dispensaries and retailers are allowed to sell their products while remaining within state and federal legal boundaries. What distinguishes a cannabis POS system from a system used for average retailers is the added features meant to cater specifically to needs found within the industry. From inventory management  to COAs, taxes, and customer verification, dispensary POS platforms support industry compliance. When it comes to POS systems, the most important things are user accessibility and breadth of scope, meaning that there must be a high level of ease in using the system as well as the system covering a wide range of needs for the dispensary.

1. Greenbits

Greenbits is a powerful POS system used by hundreds of retailers, but what defines it compared to others is its “always on” customer support. Greenbits offers support every day of the year, as well as offering multiple guides on pricing and running a dispensary within regulations, training programs frequently updated to modern standards, and more. This, in addition to its inbuilt integration with other retailer-friendly apps and software such as Best In Grow and Weedmaps, makes it a smart choice for any budding cannabis businesses. 

2. Biotrack

Biotrack offers wide availability in the United States and in select countries such as Canada and Australia. Biotrack boasts a decade of experience within the industry and thousands of locations to its name. This, in addition to offering both cloud and local hosting services and a flexible system that grants customer profiles, analytics, and automated data entries, makes Biotrack a welcome choice.

3. Flowhub

As one of the very first companies to start building POS systems specifically for retailers in the cannabis industry, Flowhub is a pioneer and understands the delicacies and nuances of needing particularly flexible tools in order to keep up with a constantly shifting and unstable market. Most recently, Flowhub has released a new version of its platform, dubbed ‘Maui,’ that is open configuration and doesn’t require proprietary software in order to be utilized to its fullest through company integration. Notably, Maui offers a multistate universal login, an extremely convenient tool for those dispensaries spread across the country, as well as the ability to run on PCs, Macs, or iPads.

4. Growflow

Growflow is another user-friendly POS system that allows you to either directly integrate with a state compliance provider or create general compliance reports, meaning you never need to worry about state legality issues. This, in addition to automatically generating labels, invoices, manifests, and more makes Growflow a good choice for those looking to have a simple yet effective POS helping to run their cannabis business.

5. Cova

Cova is unique in that it is a fully featured POS system that operates best from tablets, making it ideal for storefront dispensaries. Because of its features (including built-in ID scanning, customer queue management, instant inventory information, and an offline mode), it is best for its reliability thanks to consistent uptime and access to many features one would mostly consider on a larger POS.

6. Indica Online

Indica Online is an excellent choice of POS for its delivery options, effective access to marketing solutions via customer messaging and email, and constant updates on compliance changes at the state level. The development of Indica Online is constantly ongoing as well, meaning customer and retailer input is always taken into account for the constantly updating system. 

7. Leaflogix

Leaflogix is a Microsoft-based POS that runs on cloud technology, focusing on a data-centric approach while offering an extremely wide range of options in keeping up with the ins and outs of the industry. Through the cloud, your data is kept secure while the system itself is extremely supportive of expansion and near-constant uptime with little need for updates. In addition, Leaflogix keeps track of customers on an individual level, encouraging upsells when possible while also keeping tabs on accidental oversells of specific portions, making it fantastic as a ground-level POS with room for growth. 

8. Greenline

Greenline is a Canada-based retail POS infrastructure for both those early dispensaries as well as those looking to open more locations. Supporting multiple methods of payment and e-commerce, as well as having modular hardware and offering easy financing when available to those businesses that need it, Greenline is a good option for anyone in the industry and especially those requiring a bit more capital assistance.  

9. Blaze

Blaze is a POS system that offers well-documented compliance updates, a free how-to guide on making your own tech stack, and multiple connections and integrations that enhance this software to almost being a must-have. Its seed-to-sale program allows you to track plants from their initial growth all the way up until they’ve been added to your inventory. Blaze’s flexibility in working with both desktop and its iPhone app, alongside the check-in system for customers and barcode integration, means that this system is adept at serving in a fast-paced, fast-growing environment.

10. C-Trax

C-Trax is an excellent POS system that works at its best for both low and high volume retailers alike. C-Trax is incredibly accommodating in terms of ease-of-access on hardware, custom customer and inventory reporting, and general office management. Noted for its low startup cost and efficiency, C-Trax offers a comprehensive and most importantly, automatic Certificate of Insurance tracking option. This user-friendly POS solution offers a scalable approach to dispensary software. C-Trax delivers a robust experience from back office management to customer loyalty and every step in between within one platform.

When choosing a POS system for your dispensary, it’s extremely important to keep all of your options in mind. Knowing which one is tailor-made to suit your needs is a necessity, especially for those looking to stay in the cannabis industry long term. Your POS should support industry compliance laws while giving both customers and employees the seamless sales experiences. Take advantage of a comprehensive dispensary POS system like C-Trax that meets multiple needs with one tool.

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